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The Attention and Learning Clinic has a wealth of interventions and information about ways to improve focusing, organization, relaxation, and collaborative skills.  


Services at a glance


1. Dr. Volweider's coaching service uses his intergrated cooperation model to help ADHD clients and parents cope with the difficulties and use the strenths associated with ADHD and behavioral problems. Contact him at


2. The Attention and Learning Center at Axiom Counseling and Therapy provides integral assessment and treatment of ADHD and other disorders. This means that a number of assessment tools are used and several treatment strategies are recommended. 



                          Assessement often includes:

  • Physical/Psychological history of patient and family
  • Scales/Surveys from patient and others (parents/teachers)
  • Computerized Attention testing (using T.O.V.A. and IVA)
  • Evaluation of Cognitive Skills using traditional and computer testing
  • Evaluation of psychological disorders, emotions, mood, self-talk, and psychological assets/strengths. 
  • Assessment of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep. 
  • Self-evaluation is encouraged, appropriate to personal developmental level.
  • Treatment may include:
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Cognitive exercises.
  • Healthy Nutritional, Exercise, and Sleep promotion strategies
  • Heart Rate Variability biofeedback to assist in developing Self-Regulation, relaxation skills, and coherence.  
  • Education on using personal, family, friends, school and community resources.
  • Education about physiological/psychological/sociological causes and effects of patient's problems.
    Recomendations for pursuing further information.
    Call the Axiom group to schedule initial appointment at 
    316-558-8085 or visit their website: axiom
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Dr. Volweider's Coaching Services

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